These days, things and information are overflowing.
Are our minds and minds dominated by thoughts and information, and you can't afford it?

断捨離本舗We will help you to reduce the number of things you do not need from the space you live every day and make it a comfortable and spacious space.

Flow from request to work


You will be charged as soon as all the work is completed.
* If you need days or if there is a lot of goods, you may receive a advance payment first.

What our customers are saying

Nagahama City N Woman in Her 60s
Because of my age, I couldn't have anything heavy and I was troubled with disposal, but thanks to Mr. Recitable Honpo, I was able to dispose of it, and it was very helpful.

Yonehara City S, Man in his 50s
I was looking for a contractor to ask for my mother's belongings to be sorted out, but I was reluctant to come from a distance.
At such a time, the government introduced Mr. Honpo, and I asked him with confidence because he was familiar with the local area by a local trader.
We are satisfied with the work and careful discussion.

Mr. M, Yonehara City, Man in his 60s
I asked for the disposal of only one thing that was no longer needed, but I was willing to dispose of it, and I was saved by calling immediately.

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